Friday, May 1, 2009

New Website Launch for connoisseur's of Handmade Crafts

Press Release: A Reddit for Crafters

New website allows members to vote and submit art links from all over the web

Tucson, AZ – Today marked the launch of a new social media website, Powered by Reddit code and, Vote Handmade serves as a link sharing platform for artisans and crafters of all types and specialties.

On, users can share handmade items from venues all over the web with fellow users, up voting and down voting just like on Reddit. This allows artisans the opportunity to not only socialize and share links, but also to promote their quality product and drive buyers to their online studio. also aggregates news, instruction and business tips for the online craft world. With hundreds of thousands of handmade sellers and millions of handmade items currently listed for sale on the internet, is a great place to see the best of all venues and all artists as voted on by their peers.

VoteHandmade is like the world’s largest juried craft show. Any user can submit an item from any site. VoteHandmade is free to use, free to join, and free to promote.

More About is an interactive craft marketplace designed to bring artisans from different geographic locations and backgrounds together. On ArtFire, artisans are able to not only set up a customizable studio, but also are given the chance to meet fellow sellers though a number of interactive features available on the site. Artfire is more than just a venue, it’s a vibrant artisan community.

“We wanted to give artisans the chance to promote their items in a way which was not only free but also fun,” said John Jacobs, CEO of “Vote Handmade allows them to share and interact with artisans from the many different venues on the web.”

“We felt it was important to build tool specifically designed for artisans,” Said Tony Ford, COO of “It is our hope that the crafting community will use VoteHandmade .com to further their business and networking online and shoppers can go to one place to see the best of the best artisans in all craft disciplines.”

ArtFire does it again! What can we expect next?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Into The Fire - An Interview with RoyalDesigns (Holly)

Holly's GardenHolly is the mother of 2 adorable children, both currently attending college. Her father is 95 years old and as his hobby, he works 6 days each week! She has 3 dogs and a cat, and is allergic to springtime but in spite of this, she loves to garden. Holly despises her ex-husband but we won't go there! Read more about Holly, below.

I work very hard to design and put my jewelry together to the very best of my ability. I want women to love wearing it and for it to go from day to night. Having studied art through my teens and college I feel that mixing colors just right and the design element is vital. Often I redo a piece until it just awes me.RED CARNELIAN AND GOLD VERMEIL NECKLACE AND EARRINGS SET Often it feels as if the components are deciding how they want to be placed. I buy silver and gold vermeil, semi-precious stones, and crystals because heirloom jewelry is what I want to offer.

The most challenging aspect is when a design just won't work and I need to replace all the separate pieces in their containers for another day. Also, working with tiny seed beads where I can't see the holes can be very difficult! I rush from one thing to the next and fit my jewelry creations in at night or weekends. Sometimes I can't stop so before my day job and at lunch I'll work on a piece. I am obsessed! I try to do something jewelry related every day, whether is is organizing, ordering, learning a new technique, or designing and creating.

When I look at my finished piece, I feel awe! I look and think how this piece of jewelry makes me feel good so it will make whoever eventually buys it feel special too!
I have shops on both ArtFire and Etsy. Besides those I do local craft shows and home sales. I plan on marketing my jewelry to some local stores this summer as well. I did sell in a shop on consignment but too many pieces "disappeared".

I have a full time job and wear many hats. I handle the insurances, contracts, phones, place orders to Europe, inventory...whatever is required...

With my kids away at college I have a lot more down time. I love to read and am an avid gardener of 35 years! I love spending time with family and friends as well. And here you thought I was going to say cleaning house!

I try on a daily basis to brighten one person's life. If everyone took the time and made this little bit of effort I believe the world would be a nicer place! Family is of the utmost importance to me. As for me- I'm totally unorganized, running from one thing to the next and am certain I have adult ADD!

My pet peeve would be mean people. People who would hurt anything, especially anything defenseless. People who are constantly negative. People who lie. People who say they can't without trying! My ex!

My advice for new sellers on ArtFire is simple! Take great pictures! Selling takes time. You need to promote yourself! Help other new sellers and be kind! Because attitude is everything!

Want to visit RoyalDesigns at ArtFire? Of course you do. Go ahead, take the plunge.

Visit RoyalDesigns here.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A reason to celebrate!

Today is the 21st birthday of Amy's son, Dean. In honor of this very special day, Amy is donating 100% of her sales to N.A.D.S. (National Association of Down's syndrome) Let's support this very special organization and our fellow Artisan. Visit Amy's shop here.